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Package 2- Total Shape Weights Workouts

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This package includes 2 sets of 25 minutes videos consisting of both lower & upper body weights.

Benefits of a weights workout:

• Increased muscle tissue elevates your metabolic rate so you burn more calories even when at rest/sleeping
• Increases strength that makes every day life easier
• You burn more calories post workouts
• Better balance & coordination
• Improved posture
• Decreases arthritis pain
• Improves your mood
• May assist sleep quality
• Improves heart health
• Improves tendon & ligament strength
• Lowers abdominal fat
• Better cardiovascular health by decreasing fat around the organs
• Controls blood sugar levels by improving the muscles ability to use blood sugar (glucose)
• Reduces the risk of some cancers by reducing levels of cancer promoting proteins
• Improvements in mental health outcomes
• Control of chronic conditions - diabetes, heart disease, back pain & obesity
• Improves flexibility
• Improves body image & confidence
• Gets the blood flowing to boost brain health
• Lengthens your qualify of life via remaining functional and independent



Cardiovascular exercise is important for our general health but often dominates our available exercise time. A weights workout will increase calorie burning for hours after. It has been shown that fat oxidation is significantly higher after a weights session. Adults who don’t exercise with weights lose between 2.2 to 3.2kg of lean muscle tissue every decade. Training with weights can significantly reverse this health risk

By incorporating a weights workout with a nutritionally sound food intake, women will increase & preserve lean tissue while still decreasing stored body fat.

25 - 50% of body weight lost by dieting alone is made up of lean tissue, bone and water, not just body fat. A healthy food intake is necessary to achieve results and studies have shown dieting doesn’t work in the long term. You can change your body shape with the right combination of exercise, mindset & scheduling. Is it time for you to change course, make a start, be kind to yourself & start weight training! You may be at the pre motivation stage and that’s OK. Life throws many obstacles our way; it’s never an easy road. When you make the decision and schedule in your first workout, you have started the process of positive change. ‘Tone-Up Weights & Boxing Workout’ is a convenient tool to improve your health & well-being. A means to change your body shape & get healthy.