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   Christine Austin - Owner & Founder
Creator of Total Shape’s Workout videos and experienced fitness Instructor


In Australia 85% of adults do not meet the recommended WHO guidelines for physical activity. Physical inactivity is estimated to contribute to 16,000 deaths annually. Staggering figures considering most of us are able to schedule in regular workouts. It starts with motivation then discipline, determination & consistency. Motivation may get you started but attitude & consistency will keep you on track. Less than 5% of American adults participate in 30 min of physical activity each day. WHO now recommends 2 days a week should be dedicated to strength/weight training. That’s where my ‘Tone-Up Weights & Boxing Workout’ can assist you to incorporate an effective, results based workout in the convenience & privacy of your own home. 

I hope my story gives you the inspiration & motivation to get moving! We were meant to move & all know inactivity is damaging to our bodies. I grew up in small country towns where being active was a normal part of life. My best memories of school are training for athletic carnivals & team sports; soft ball, netball & tennis. The local swimming pool was the weekend attraction as well as cycling, walking, jogging & horse riding. I started exercising at home around 14 years of age, after finding a Pilates book of my mothers. I followed the exercise sequences & got stronger & always felt a sense of achievement after a workout.
Later at age 16 I purchased a Jane Fonda workout vinyl record & used it on high rotation. 40 years later the routine (minus Jane Fonda) hasn’t changed. Indoor & outdoor training is as normal to me as brushing my teeth. I joined a gym when I was 17 to include weight training in my routine & after about a month asked the owner, “how do you become an instructor?” He said, “get a routine together & I’ll take a look”. I complied moves from the Jane Fonda workout record & copied exercises from other instructors, then presented the routine & got the job. Fortunately the manager asked me to teach the 5.30pm class that day - better to be thrown in the deep end & sink or swim. The rest is history, fitness & the fitness industry has been my life. I became a club owner, completed a personal training course & operated a personal training studio.
I created ‘Tone-Up Weights & Boxing Workout’ after clients suggested a weights & cardio workout would be a convenient tool to use at home. A combination of weight training & cardiovascular training has been proven to be beneficial for your overall health, fitness, longevity, skin, muscle, bones, strength, mental health & will get you in great shape - Total Shape!
My home training weights & boxing workout was successfully sold in Women’s Fitness & Health magazine. In 2020 I converted ‘Tone-Up Weights & Boxing Workout’ to Mp4 digital files so the workout could be available to a larger audience. Since my life has been fitness focused I am also now offering quality & affordable activewear & fitness related products to you! 

Above - with daughters, Montana & Gjenae in Total Shape's Collections.
Over the years one of my sincere concerns for the consumer is the amount of fitness related misinformation available online. New trends, products & training methods are constantly released on the market making it extremely confusing & often frustrating for consumers to decide which training regimens will be right for them. Weights & cardio has been tested, tried & scientifically proven to get results.

Today is the day to begin your fitness journey-


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Christine Austin
Total Shape’s Christine Austin with daughters Montana and Gjenae in 2003 & February 2021 below -