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Package 1 - The Complete Total Shape Workout

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This package includes 2 sets of 40 minutes videos consisting of both lower & upper body weights as well as lower & upper body boxing.

Burn up to 500 calories in less than 40 minutes

Decrease body fat & increase lean muscle tissue

Burn Body Fat faster at Home

Christine Austin is the creator of ‘Tone-Up Weights & Boxing’ Workout. A home based workout system that delivers an all over body workout, that works. The combination of weight training & boxing is a smart choice for women if you want to tone-up, change your shape, lose weight, increase strength & improve your health & fitness

‘Tone-Up Weights & Boxing’ Workout is a minimal equipment, time efficient, home training workout. All you need is a set of dumbbells and an exercise mat to work towards a fit, toned & strong body


What are the benefits of a Weight Training & Cardio Fitness workout?

  1. Convenient in-home workout - more likely to commit
  2. Easy to follow
  3. Workout only requires a small area
  4. Combines strength & fitness in 1 workout
  5. Very low investment
  6. Beginners to advanced level
  7. No expensive gym or studio memberships
  8. Low cost minimal equipment
  9. Look good & feel great - more energy
  10. Scientifically proven - regular weights & cardio will changes your body shape
  11. Beneficial to brain function
  12. Increases mobility
  13. Increases muscle tissue & strength
  14. Increases cardiovascular fitness
  15. Stress release - reduces symptoms of anxiety
  16. Prevents bone loss
  17. Controls body fat
  18. Decreased risk of injury
  19. Productive - time saving
  20. Improves confidence & self-esteem

Above are some of the benefits you will achieve from a regular schedule of weights & cardio exercise. You can be excused for becoming confused & overwhelmed by the enormous amount of information available on the topic of exercise, training methods, wellness, health & fitness. The Internet is packed with websites, articles, reports, blogs, podcasts & books from experts, non-experts, personal trainers, scientists, doctors, sport psychologists & those that are trying to sell their fad unscientifically proven products. We are totally bombarded with opinions & products - Who do YOU, listen too?


The best exercise program is the one YOU will do regularly 

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