Must Know Breast Care Tips For Women

Breast care should go way beyond using a good moisturiser & daily sunscreen. Did you know breast tissue actually ages faster than the rest of your body. Skin is the body’s largest organ, so taking care of it should be a priority. Check out 4 essential strategies to implement for total breast care.

1. Make sure you perform regular & thorough breast examinations

Be sure to check the breasts before a mirror standing with arms at your side and then arms overhead for any abnormalities in appearance. Also, while taking a shower, raise one arm and gently massage the breasts using the other hand in large circles. Carefully check your breasts for any irregular lumps and potential soreness. In addition to self-examination, health experts recommend women 40-54 should have mammograms annually & women 55 and older could change to every 2 years or if they choose, continue the yearly schedule. It is also suggested that you perform regular breast massages that provide stress relief, relieves breast pain, muscle tension & double as a breast examination. Use quality massage oil such as almond oil, which may also reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Breast massage is best done using gentle circular strokes that is both soothing & leaves you in a more relaxed & calm state.

2. Wear the correct type of bra

It is imperative to wear an appropriately fitted bra regardless of your size. It has been suggested that up to 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra. Finding a bra that fits well can be a timely task as sizes & styles vary from brand to brand. You may find you will wear different sizes depending on these factors. Preferably consult a bra-fitting expert. If not possible, see how the bra feels, is the band straight & flat? The band shouldn’t be lifting up at the sides or back. You may not be aware that a lot of the support actually comes from the band. So typically a thicker & wider band equals more support. The centrepiece between the cups should be flat to assist anchor the bra. If you are choosing an underwired bra make sure the wires are fully enclosing the breast & not digging in at any point.

3. Aim to maintain an ideal body weight

Breasts are made up of different types of fatty tissue, connective tissue & glandular tissue. Fatty tissue sits between connective & glandular tissue & mostly determines your breast size. So the size of your breasts will naturally fluctuate along with your body weight. Weight fluctuation can result in breast sag. Therefore it is important if your goal is weight loss, to follow a nutritionally sound & balanced dietary intake & exercise regularly as advised when you visit:

4. Maintain correct posture

Good posture simply refers to the body’s alignment & positioning. Poor posture (slouching forward, backward or to either side), results in a body less resistant to the strains & stresses during your life. Sitting for long periods, especially when working on a computer of driving a car, can present posture issues if you are not posture aware. Incorrect posture leads to fatigue & eventually a strain that can result in neck or back pain. Sitting & standing with awareness - shoulders down & back, abdominals braced, head in neutral position, will minimise strain & prevent future alignment problems. Prevention is the key, so check your posture today!