How to Style Activewear Inside & Outside The Gym

Activewear is no longer reserved only for the gym, and we are loving the trend of incorporating workout clothes into your daily wardrobe. The latest trend is to combine your favorite gym leggings, oversized blazer, and sneakers out and about. So it's no surprise that influencers and bloggers are raving about the new trend, which doesn't compromise comfort for style. Workout clothes now feel too stylish to sweat in!

However, like many fashion trends, there's an art of achieving the perfect gym-wear look. Below, we have created some top tips to seamlessly transition your gym clothes from workout class to lunch date:

Dress for your silhouette

Elevate your own athleisure game by focusing on everyday style items in athletic clothing that fits appropriately. Off the rack, fashion silhouettes will make people pay attention to the outline of your body, so it is vital that you don't start draping yourself with super baggy items or skin-tight pieces that you can barely breathe in.

When you are wearing clothing that is flattering to your body, it will make your athletic outfit look more fashionable and intentional as a choice instead of looking like you just woke up from a long afternoon nap. You want to exude complete confidence that this outfit is a conscious, well-decided choice and not an unfortunate accident.

Opt for a neutral color pallet

Neutral tones and black will be your best friend in succeeding this effortless yet still incredibly stylish look. Wearing your activewear as regular clothing is all about minimalism and comfort – and will go well with any colored sneakers.

Layer up

Make sure your collection of activewear is genuinely versatile enough. Grab some track jackets and fleece zip-ups that can add some speed to how fast you will be able to get dressed for your next date. Spend a little bit extra on a nice practical activewear jacket you can get quite a bit of mileage out of. Make the most of your money when you transform your closet into the hub for your garments to serve multiple purposes. You gain some time back in your schedule that won't be wasted by dressing and redressing for your daily activities.


Now you know what the core elements of your activewear casual outfits should be when you are having fun outside of your fitness emporium. In addition, you have a better idea of how to mix and match them, get creative, and find ways to multitask now that you have more clothing that can serve dual purposes, with less time changing in and out of new outfits each day.

Trends allow us to blur the lines between what would typically be a Tuesday outfit and a Saturday morning outfit with athleisure activewear. So turn your form-fitting sweatpants, your long-sleeve t-shirts, and your fleece jackets into staples of your social outings as you not only get dressed with purpose but with style, too!