How to get Motivated to increase Fitness, Lose Weight and improve your Well-being

Most of us have thoughts & self-talk buzzing around in our heads. Sometimes it doesn’t stop and for some people keeps you awake at night. Not just the normal stress or anxiety that’s a part of life, this is more debilitating, heavy and often overwhelming. When the mind takes over unfortunately the thoughts & self-talk can be constant and negative. We are told to think positive, get over it, introduce gratitude exercises, meditate, eat healthy, exercise, surround yourself with positive support people and so on. Sounds simple, sensible, a good plan and sound advice. But it’s not always easy to silence our mind and work in the present, which really is the only place to be.  

How do you disengage from your mind? The only way is to practice being in the present. Whatever we are doing today is the only thing that is truly important. Of course, we need to make plans for the future but constant thought projections towards the future can lead to more destructive anxious self-talk. Engage in future planning when necessary but push yourself to think and work much more within the present moment & current day. 

Living more in the present can be seen as irresponsible and goal setting responsible

But both can work together in balance if you place more importance on today. Either accept the situation (whatever it is) or take small steps to make changes where necessary if things aren’t working well for you.  Too much planning and thinking about tomorrow, next week, next year takes over and you are flying blind, there is too much going on in your head. Set to work on today’s tasks first. Pay attention and decide on the actions you need to take today as a priority. Stop judging yourself for past behavior that has resulted in your current situation.

If you want to get fitter, lose weight or get stronger accept where you are today and take a small step and introduce alternative behavior. Don’t think of yourself as a failure if you are not where you want to be. Forgive yourself and see the opportunity to access what needs to be done now. Potentially every action you take today to improve your body, health & fitness is going to propel you every day.

What actions should you take today to change the situation to improve your health and fitness? Don’t focus on too many changes at once. Today you can make just one single change. You are never going to see immediate results so accept where you are and introduce one positive change at a time. Implement alternatives to your current food choices, eating behavior, portion sizes, general movement, motivation or simply the discipline to set the alarm earlier. You can do something today but it’s important not to make too many changes at once. Look at it as a lifestyle change, a work in progress that starts and continues on.

One thing is certain there is no way around improving your well-being by being sedentary or constantly making poor dietary choices. There are no amazing pills or potions, magic pieces of equipment or latest technological devices that will do the work for you. If you have been influenced & followed false health and fitness claims that ultimately set you up for failure, you are understandably frustrated. But today is the day to accept what every respected health expert promotes for good health - plain old regular exercise and a nutritious balanced diet. What are the consequences of not taking action today; Frustration, disappointment and potentially poor health. You may be in the ‘pre-motivation’ stage. Take a small step and you will move to the ‘ready for change’ stage then another step to be involved in the ‘process of change’ stage and on well on your way. Technology has resulted in a reduction in movement and life is very different. Identify what habits need to change, today. There are countless ways to move more and technology that has contributed to our sedentary life can also offer ways to help us become active.

When you learn & evolve to being more present & work on today, things will change. Break it down, identify one behavior to change and do it. But do it today, nothing like the present.